If you're a regular follower you'll know that across all my social media platforms and on my blog I often talk about NOT doing it alone. Starting or being in business is exciting, you’re in charge of your own destiny and success BUT it can be a lonely journey. The great news is you don’t have to do it alone.

Never stop building meaningful relationshipsThe building of meaningful relationships is important on several levels. Both to support you and to grow your business.  

Surround yourself with inspiring people

Just like sport, if you play with those of the same level you won’t improve - the same is true in business. The people you spend time with are a vital ingredient to your success. Seek out those who inspire and energise, that want you to be the best you can be. When you've found the right people they'll want to support you in every way they can because it will be in their nature.

While I’m a huge advocate of working with a business coach, you can also find and connect with inspiring business owners at networking groups or even in Facebook groups. Look locally, nationally and beyond for business support organisations but remember just like networking and Facebook groups you need to be consistent in showing up, engaging to build those meaningful relationships.

Nurture your relationships with potential clients

A contact is no more than a business card if you don’t nurture the relationship. When you receive a business card what do you do with it? Perhaps you add it to a database or does it get left gathering dust on your desk or worse at the bottom of your handbag or briefcase? Treat them with respect and reach out to create a meaningful relationship.

There are many ways to collect contacts, not just the trusty business card from lead magnets to newsletter sign up forms on your website. It’s what you then do with the contact that really matters, the journey you take them on to move them towards becoming a lead. Don’t forget your social media contacts, what actions are you taking to move them to your mailing list and nurture that relationship?

Make connections to further your business

These are the business men and women who offer services that complement your own and share your client base. Accountants are excellent connections for me, they are working with and seeing my ideal client every day. Equally other business coaches, yes I could see them as the competition but I'm not always going to be the right match for a client and want to recommend others with confidence.

These connections are most likely mutually beneficial. I‘m asked regularly to recommend accountants and just like business coaches the right fit is important. This is why one to one meetings and maintaining these relationships is important for both parties.

Never be afraid of giving away your knowledge

When I established my business, I was given a piece of advice which was 'to give away your knowledge'. I'm naturally a giver and receive great pleasure from making a difference, therefore this came very naturally to me. It's a highly successful technique for building meaningful relationships. A means of showing yourself as the expert in your field and you will be remembered for the help and support you gave. I have received many recommendations and referrals because of the support I have freely given. As my business has developed so has the way in which I now provide that ‘free’ support but I still give away my knowledge.

With giving in mind, I would like to invite you to book a Business Breakthrough Coaching session. A chance to work through a challenge you are experiencing, a confidential session to shine a spotlight on your business from a different perspective. This is my gift to you and you can access my diary here

Or why not join my Facebook group where you can access support from me but also the group members – you never know who you might meet or the connections you may make.