We only have eleven months left in 2018, are you on track – did you reach or achieve your January goals? No, yes, some of them - has hitting the 1st of February created panic? Panic creates fear, which has a negative impact on all you do – I urge you to stop now.

Which one are you?

I hit my goals Lindsey and I’m flyingdid-you-hit-your-january-goals?

This is fantastic news, congratulations and well done.

You obviously worked hard and I highly recommend you treat yourself to celebrate. Take time out to re-energise, do something just for you because you deserve it.

I hit some of my goals Lindsey but I’m feeling anxious

Firstly, congratulations on hitting the goals you did and don’t forget to celebrate those wins.

Don’t give yourself a hard time for what still needs to be achieved. You have eleven months to hit those targets and turn your dreams and aspirations into reality.

I didn’t hit any goals Lindsey and I’m 
worried/disappointed/angry/stuck (delete as appropriate)

Okay, don’t panic. It’s time to unpick what stopped you from achieving your goals, what got in the way and took you off track.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan and that’s okay because ‘stuff’ happens and on occasion outside forces get in the way that we have no control over. Remember, tomorrow is another day.


What next?
No matter if you’re flying, moving forward steadily or hit a bump in the road how you plan the next 90-days is essential for continued or the beginning of success. But remember success is different each and every one of us, don’t compare yourself to others, It's not a race, your journey is just that ‘yours’.

Even if you didn’t hit your goals I guarantee there was something to recognise as progress, a small step forward and worth celebrating. Don't be disheartened ... there is still time.


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