The LBB Coaching Programmes have been developed to take your business from where it is today to where you want it to be in the future.  

Coaching that guides you in making decisions and taking the action needed to achieve your goals. Plus, supports you to discover the right solutions for your business and implement the changes required. It will provide you with accountability, a confidential space to discuss the business challenges and a sounding board, plus guidance and advice. Benefits include improved productivity, cost savings, an increase in turnover, reduction in stress and overwhelm and a return to loving what you do.

Success is achievable for all with belief, clarity and focus. My goal is to support YOU in OWNING your future success.

My programmes work around the principles of review, planning and accountability.


Focus  (Six Weeks of Support)
Perfect if you need to attain or refocus you or the business, or you're stuck and just not sure of which direction to take. A great introduction if you have never worked with a coach before, this six week one to one support will put you back in control, moving forward with clarity and your energy focused in the right areas of the business.

• Starts with a 90-minute review and planning session
• Followed by five one hour coaching calls.
• What could you achieve in your business with real focus?

Change (Ten Weeks of Support)
For business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level and recognised change is needed to achieve desired success.

• The programme begins with a full audit of the business, (90-minutes)
• Followed by a planning call to agree on actions to be carried out during the time of working together (90-minutes)
• Plus, eight one hour coaching calls.
• What do you need to change in your business?

Transformation (Sixteen Weeks of Support)
While this programme allows for both focus and change, it is aimed at business owners who most likely have employees or work with associates although not necessarily.

• It incorporates the business audit and planning sessions (three-hour calls) which occur at the beginning of the programme
• The planning session takes place again in the penultimate week to ensure momentum continues beyond our working together.
• The initial planning sessions are supported by fourteen 90-minute weekly coaching calls.
• Email support from me
• Two ‘emergency’ thirty-minute sessions for your use if required.


While working together I will share all that I've learnt, the good, the bad and ugly and tips tricks and tools that I use daily. A combination of coaching and consultancy because I want to support you in achieving YOUR success. To find out which coaching programme suits you best and to discover if we’re the right fit, book a call with me here.


Alternatively, book a Business Breakthrough Coaching Call, my gift to you. A one hour session to support you in seeing the issues you are experiencing from a different perspective. You will complete the call:

• with a clear vision of what business success is for YOU and your business.
• knowing the next steps and focused intentions you need to take

• re-energised and in control of your business future

Book your Business Breakthrough Coaching Call today.


Coaching is right for you if:

• You’ve recognized change is needed or it’s been forced upon the business
• You want to develop and grow the business to increase revenue
• You’ve realised what you’re presently doing is not or has stopped working
• You want to improve yourwork / life balance which is currently out of kilter

When wrapped up in the day to day operations and focusing on ‘getting it done’, it can be difficult to find the time to plan. This results in lack of focus and direction and can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Coaching puts you back in control. I’ve been where you are ... head down, juggling all elements of the business and overwhelmed by all that needs doing. Fortunately, I learnt early on that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and that help is out there. 
To find out which coaching programme suits you best and to discover if we’re the right fit, book a call with me here.