Are you feeling overwhelmed with all you believe needs doing in the business? Frustrated with a lack of growth? Feeling stuck and unsure of the next steps?

Sounds like you can’t see the wood for the trees and I know exactly how that feels because I’ve been there.

Just like you, I started my business full of excitement and expectation. Yet even with the sound business knowledge and experience from my previous employment, I found myself struggling to move it forward.

I was riding the wave of enthusiasm with no thought to the future and not creating a business that I could grow. If honest it was all a little ad-hoc and scattergun. Resulting in me working long hours, being busy for busy sake and not focusing my attention on the right areas of the business. Those activities that would strengthen and build it, I was not as I now call it ‘future proofing its success’.

Are you ready to work differently to create a business that you’re in control of and not the other way around?

Success is achievable for all with belief, clarity and focused action. Plus, as a mum of two small children fundamental to how I work is supporting you to create YOUR success, on YOUR terms.

Because I know that while everyone has the same twenty-four hours, those hours are different for everyone and I get that. Therefore, my goal is to ensure you make the best use of the hours you have, focusing your energy and attention in the right areas of the business.


Are you ready to build a stronger business and future proof its success? The Business Success programme is for you if:

✅ YOU want To Move The Business To The Next Level

✅ YOU need Clarity On The Next Steps

✅ YOU want A Business You're In Control Of

✅ YOU need Systems For Improved Efficiency

✅ YOU want Accountability to Make It Happen

The ten-week group programme kicks off with an audit of your business, highlighting where your attention is needed. While these areas will receive our focus while working together you will have access to modules in a membership area, which looks= at the different elements of running a business. From goal setting to marketing and not forgetting that all-important mindset work to increase your focus and productivity.

There's also an opportunity to work with me on a one to one basis alongside the group. Enjoying (yes they are enjoyable) six thirty minute intense coaching calls where you and I will focus solely on your business.

Places are available and you can secure yours here.

The Business Success programme has been an incredible experience. I signed up for the course after having a 'Business Breakthrough call' with Lindsey. Timing-wise it was a leap of faith as I didn't feel in a good place re: our business and was questioning a lot of what we were doing, how we did it and how best to articulate our value proposition.

I found that being in a 'difficult place' is the best place to start from and I have benefitted so much from all the modules, coaching calls and support from my fellow participants. Lindsey really knows how to hold the mirror up so you can face the truth about yourself as a business owner, and your business. She doesn't challenge you - even better, she gives you the tools to challenge yourself. If you want to make a big, positive change - this course is for you. I am so grateful to you, Lindsey Brown. THANK YOU! Ira Blake, Light My Space


start building a stronger business today

Not sure if the Business Success Programme is right for you and your business – no problem. Book a Business Boost Coaching Call and together we shall uncover the hidden challenges that are holding you back while seeing if we’re a good fit. Book your call here.


I also work with a small number of clients on a totally one to one basis, providing coaching completely tailored to your individual and business need. Book a Business Boost Coaching Call to find out if this is what you need right now in your businesss. Here’s that link again to access my diary.


I first came to Lindsey with a major headache of a problem with one of my online teaching programmes. I had been grappling with this problem for over a year and had in fact already sought help from two other Business Coaches. When I presented the problem to Lindsey she paused for less than one minute then said: “There isn’t a problem with what you are offering, it’s how you are positioning it that is making it seem complicated”.


Then she advised me on what steps to take to reposition my programme. Wow. A year long problem and two coaches later and the problem was solved in less than one minute with Lindsey. Now that is a result! Sarah-Jane Le Blanc, Sarah-Jane Pet Whisperer

Your time is now and you don’t have to do this alone. My mission is to support YOU in OWNING your future. Creating business success that is personal to you and attainable with small steps or giant leaps and YOU choose how you get there.