YOUR success is achievable with belief, clarity and focused action. A success that is personal to you and attainable with small steps or giant leaps, YOU choose how you get there.  

My mission is to support YOU in OWNING your future and creating a journey for you that is one of excitement and enjoyment. That enables you to live the life you dream of both in and outside of the business.

The LBB Coaching Programmes have been developed to take your business from where it is today TO where you want it to be in the future. That work with the principles of review, planning and accountability.


business success

Success no longer has to feel just out of reach with the Business Success Programme. If you are ready to discover a better way of working and want to be in control of your business as opposed to it running you, then you are ready to work with me. Book a Discovery Call here to find out more about the Business Success Programme and to check if I'm the right coach for YOU.

The Business Success Programme provides:

One to One Coaching that guides you in your decision making

• Support in taking the action needed to achieve your goals

• The space you need to create solutions right for your business

• You with accountability and a confidential space to discuss the business challenges you face.

Benefits include:

• Clarity on your purpose and the end goal – why you do what you do

• Improved productivity – by focusing your attention

• Reduction in stress and overwhelm – clarity has that effect

You can work with me in two ways and programmes open in January, May and September, although if space allows you can join at other times of the year.


Work with me for EIGHT Weeks on the

FOCUSED Business Success Programme

Work with me for SIX Months on the

ACCELERATED Business Success Programme

 Audit of your business

 Eight modules of support

 Each module supported by a live Masterclass

 Private Facebook group

 Four sixty minute, one to one coaching calls

Audit of your business

• Eight modules of support

• Each module supported by a live Masterclass

• Private Facebook group

• Twelve ninety minute, one to one calls (two per month)

• Weekly accountability email


Access to the Smart Marketing Programme Materials

One to one calls allow me to personalise the coaching I provide you and to achieve the greatest impact on your business. Plus you benefit from the support of others in the programme via the Facebook group.


Enrolment for the FOCUSED Business Success Programme opens again in January 2019.

Until then join the Get Focused and Make It Happen FREE mini programme and receive seven strategies to improve your productivity and reclaim an hour a day of your precious time. Plus receive a copy of my personal daily planner.


To discuss the ACCELERATED Business Success Programme book a call with me here.

Your time is now and you don’t have to do this alone.

It’s time to get serious about success in YOUR business. To create the life you want to live right NOW and NOT sometime in the distant future. The first step is finding out if we’re the right fit and this takes place with a Discovery Call, you can book yours here.


business success


Coaching is right for you if:
• You’ve recognized change is needed or it’s been forced upon the business
• You want to develop and grow the business to increase revenue
• You’ve realised what you’re presently doing is not or has stopped working
• You want to improve your work / life balance which is currently out of kilter

When wrapped up in the day to day operations and focusing on ‘getting it done’, it can be difficult to find the time to plan. This results in a lack of focus and direction and can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Coaching puts you back in control. I’ve been where you are ... head down, juggling all elements of the business and overwhelmed by all that needs doing. Fortunately, I learnt early on that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and that help is out there. To find out which coaching programme suits you best and to discover if we’re the right fit, book a call with me here.