Social media is a two way street, a communication channel between you and customer or client. It’s a place to connect with influencers, industry experts and other businesses that compliment your own. But how do you make it work?

The key to using any social media is consistency and this particularly applies to Facebook. To make algorithms work you must share content of interest to your audience. The sharing of the right content is essential for those all important likes, comments and shares.

When was the last time you searched your company name or even your own in Google? Go on, give it a try. If you have a Twitter account it will most likely appear at or near the top. Therefore, this might be the first place a prospective client visits to find out about you and your business - and you need to create a great first impression.

Instagram is much more than pretty pictures but like any platform takes time, dedication and consistency to gain traction. However, the clue is in the title and with the fab app it’s an easy 'on the go' social media platform.

How many times I have heard the words ‘I don’t have time for social media’ or worse still ‘I lose hours on Facebook’? Many, many times and this is because social media really is the devil, the worst time drain ever and the greatest procrastination tool of all time!

more tortoise less hare

Last Friday I got to spend the whole day with Karen Skidmore for her Playing Your Bigger Game event. I wanted to share with you some of my biggest ‘take-aways’, insights and light bulb moments!

Ever had one of those days when you just don’t achieve anything? The phone rings, a client needs you or for one reason or another nothing is completed! Of course, there are days when you need to jump onto something urgent BUT your to do list could be the one thing holding you back.

Email is one of the biggest time drains in business today. It’s on every device and constantly shouting ‘you’ve got mail’ pulling you away from the task at hand. While I don’t believe we can do without it ... don’t let it rule your life!

Time is our most valuable resource and we all have the same amount. So why is it that some days fly but with little accomplished and the most important job on your list left undone? I look at four time drainers you are most likely guilty of and how to avoid them. 

A Facebook fan page is where you create authenticity, it's where you can build your brand and reputation. The benefits of a page include the built in analytics which helps you to understand what works, the optimal time to post and much, much more. You can advertise your page, boost your posts and create adverts to meet key objectives including lead generation.

We are all increasingly aware of looking after our personal information well. If you are running a business, staying safe online has much wider implications. Directed attacks on SMEs are becoming more and more widespread and the National Cyber Security Alliance estimates that 60% of all hacked SMEs go out of business within 6 months.

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