Listening is the greatest skill you can develop and if you’re like me ‘talkative’ it can be a tough one to master. The ability to listen can have a major impact on your business in several ways and put you in control of conversations, which is extremely valuable when talking to prospective clients.

Nurture your relationships with potential clients

In my last blog, I talked about the need to continuously build meaningful relationships and today want to look at how you nurture potential clients. On occasion, you might make a contact that instantly results in work, perhaps because you've been recommended but this is not always the case.

Never stop building meaningful relationships

If you're a regular follower you'll know that across all my social media platforms and on my blog I often talk about NOT doing it alone. Starting or being in business is exciting, you’re in charge of your own destiny and success BUT it can be a lonely journey. The great news is you don’t have to do it alone.

Fear of the unknown is debilitating. Equally being unsure of the next step and getting bogged down by the day to day business activity can prevent you achieving success. Worrying about cash flow and where the next order or client is coming from can also halt growth.


We only have eleven months left in 2018, are you on track – did you reach or achieve your January goals? No, yes, some of them - has hitting the 1st of February created panic? Panic creates fear, which has a negative impact on all you do – I urge you to stop now.

This week I was interviewed by Gail Gibson a business performance coach and founder of the Can Do Coffee Club, you can download the podcast here if you fancy a listen. The reason I mention the interview is that we talked about a ‘can do’ mindset and the importance of having this in business.

don't be the best kept secret

I have on my Facebook page been talking about visibility, it’s also a topic that has come up in my Facebook group. Being visible is not about selling, it’s how YOU show up and provide value as an expert. The question is how?

I have noticed that the phrase ‘best year yet’ is very popular when talking about 2018 and it really resonates because I don’t want to have the best year ever. Why? Quite simply I am working on the basis that every new year that I am gifted will be amazing.

I am being asked more and more about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and since I am no expert can only share what I am doing to prepare. In relation to security, I have encrypted my Mac and had installed anti-virus and malware to protect data held but why did I do this? I asked Robert Purkiss owner of Guardian Angel PC Support to explain.

stop the world I want to get off

I don’t literally need to get off but it would be good to stop time, catch up and then reset the clock. It’s that time of year when we all feel a little like that I guess. Projects to finish, cards to write, last minute meetings to attend, presents to buy and client work to complete.

set goals

It doesn’t matter what you call it because without a plan you are like a rudderless boat in rough seas - bobbing around and getting nowhere fast. Without a clear purpose, you will not be heading in the right direction and not taking the action required to reach your destination.

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