The benefits of ‘kindness’ in business

This blog is inspired by a Kindness Rock that was given to me by my daughter. The Kindness Rock project is simple, it encourages people to create inspirational rocks and leave them for others to find. I love the simplicity of this and the ripple effect that occurs from it.

Being a new mum at the school gate is daunting. You have no idea where to stand or who to talk to. You listen to conversations and worry your child isn’t doing that or think smugly ‘mine can do that’. You feel completely out on a limb and out of your comfort zone.

stand out from the crowd

How to seize the opportunities that present themselves. Recently my inbox has been full of those capitalising on the opportunities that have been presented. Mainly it must be said because of GDPR, which If you’ve never heard of is the General Data Protection Regulations.

four ways to strengthen your business

The foundations of your business are the cornerstones of your success. Each element and area need to be working alongside and supporting one another for efficiency and productivity.

Where is your energy coming from?

This week I was presenting at the FSB Digital Bootcamp event in Yeovil. Speaking, connecting and meeting people is what fires me up and energizes me, I love it. I came home completely energised.

keep it simple and commit

How many Facebook challenges, or digital programmes have you signed up for and not followed through? How many self-help and development books sit on your bookshelf waiting for your attention?

no need to get your ducks in a row, the time is now

How many times have you put something off, only to see someone else launch with your idea, event, product or programme? It happens and often because we didn’t take the action needed soon enough.


Seeing the same results?

Are you feeling stuck, NOT seeing the same results for your business that you've previously gained from your time and energy? Are you seeing the same results but WANT something different? It’s time to shake it up and Spring is the perfect time to do it.

GDPR is a good thing and here’s why

GDPR is a good thing and here is why you should care and embrace the opportunity to be better.

how do you stay motivated

Whether you call yourself a solopreneur, entrepreneur, business owner or director staying motivated can be tough. There are good days and bad and there are ups and downs and at these times it can be hard to stay motivated.

Celebrating women in business

Today is International Women's Day and I was at the Women in Business Conference organised by The Enterprise Network. It was an event that truly celebrated women's achievements and I was honoured to have been asked to MC the day.

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