A topic that comes up often with my clients is pricing. The fear of getting it wrong, charging too much or not enough. The issue here is not the price but the importance you put upon it.

Are you sabotaging your business success?

Are you sabotaging your business success by not being in the moment? Having stumbled across the following quote from Jim Carrey it got me thinking that you (we) might be creating our own stress and overwhelm simply by not being in the moment.

what can you learn from the England football team?

A football fan or not, with the World Cup in its second week hard to get away from it. However, there is much we can learn from the England team, a young, hungry team .. at last, I hear you cry (well you would if you’ve watched previous tournaments).

writing blogs with confidence

Blog or news articles on your website are an excellent means of showing up as the expert, sharing your knowledge and becoming a thought leader. The trick (or the difficulty) is coming up with regular content. Here are my top tips.

Today I was with my daughter at her gymnastics class and the impact of words was obvious to me. How you talk about you and your business will have an impact on your business and here is why.

How to prepare for YOUR holiday for maximum benefit to YOU

How do YOU prepare for YOUR holiday for maximum benefit to YOU. You need a holiday and you must take holiday to remain energised in the business. As an entrepreneur preparing for a break can leave you exhausted, anxious and unsure if booking a holiday was even the right decision.

The benefits of ‘kindness’ in business

This blog is inspired by a Kindness Rock that was given to me by my daughter. The Kindness Rock project is simple, it encourages people to create inspirational rocks and leave them for others to find. I love the simplicity of this and the ripple effect that occurs from it.

Being a new mum at the school gate is daunting. You have no idea where to stand or who to talk to. You listen to conversations and worry your child isn’t doing that or think smugly ‘mine can do that’. You feel completely out on a limb and out of your comfort zone.

stand out from the crowd

How to seize the opportunities that present themselves. Recently my inbox has been full of those capitalising on the opportunities that have been presented. Mainly it must be said because of GDPR, which If you’ve never heard of is the General Data Protection Regulations.

four ways to strengthen your business

The foundations of your business are the cornerstones of your success. Each element and area need to be working alongside and supporting one another for efficiency and productivity.

Where is your energy coming from?

This week I was presenting at the FSB Digital Bootcamp event in Yeovil. Speaking, connecting and meeting people is what fires me up and energizes me, I love it. I came home completely energised.

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