Are you feeling business fatigued?

Business fatigue is when YOU stop believing. When YOU struggle to get out of bed and can’t seem to focus. You are all over the place, making decisions and then changing your mind. Self-doubt is creeping in daily and you are beginning to wonder if a 9-5 job would be easier.

How visible are you

Visibility is key to business success. It’s how you show up on a daily basis that places you as the ‘go-to’ person – the expert in your field. The activity you carry out that ensures you are the first name a potential client thinks of when they need help and support.

Increase your productivity in five steps

Are you always on the lookout for ways to increase your productivity? Do you find the hours just fly by and you wonder where they went? Ever ended a day realising you had not completed the most important task? You are not alone.

Success is just around the corner

Following on from last week’s blog (QUIT Making Excuses) I wanted to reach out and tell you SUCCESS is just around the corner for YOU. This is why excuses must stop as you have no idea what is about to happen or what opportunity is about to manifest.

STOP making excuses

A bit of tough love because it’s exactly what I needed to hear and I have no doubt you do to. Like me, you might be making excuses out of fear, kidding yourself you don’t have the time or not ready. All rubbish and here is why.

Are you thinking BIG enough?

Are you thinking BIG enough or are you keeping you and the business safe and comfortable? What YOU dream or aspire to is what YOU will achieve. Therefore if you're not dreaming to your full potential you will not reach it.

Action outperforms ideas

If you’re like me, ideas are springing into your head and swirling daily. You are inspired by everything and everyone around you. Often thinking ‘that would be great, I should do that, I want to do that, this would be amazing.’ From new services, offering and products to meet your customer or client need to marketing and promotion.

Walk a different path for a different result

This blog is inspired by my daughters homework. This week she has been challenged to go three days without screen time. No easy task and even harder when you leave it till Friday to get started meaning a weekend of no TV, iPad or Kindle.

Stop worrying about stuff out of your control

Are you a worrier? I am and it’s easy to allow these thoughts to take over - preventing you from making decisions and moving forward. From the major such as ‘will there be a BREXIT no deal’ to the smaller and in my case ‘will we be in our new home before Christmas’.

Embrace what you fear and begin

Embrace that which you fear most to achieve the biggest shifts in your business.

Perhaps you’ve been putting something off or you feel it’s too difficult. Maybe it’s something you tried and didn’t get right or felt overwhelmed by. Here's the thing, it's most likely the activity that will have the greatest impact on your business.

what are the benefits of working with a business coach

Following on from my recent posts, I wanted to explain why you need a business coach. A nice follow on from Mindset, Motivation or Willpower – which is needed in business and It takes time to create a successful business. So, let's dive in and find out why.

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