Are you thinking BIG enough?

Are you thinking BIG enough or are you keeping you and the business safe and comfortable? What YOU dream or aspire to is what YOU will achieve. Therefore if you're not dreaming to your full potential you will not reach it.

Action outperforms ideas

If you’re like me, ideas are springing into your head and swirling daily. You are inspired by everything and everyone around you. Often thinking ‘that would be great, I should do that, I want to do that, this would be amazing.’ From new services, offering and products to meet your customer or client need to marketing and promotion.

Walk a different path for a different result

This blog is inspired by my daughters homework. This week she has been challenged to go three days without screen time. No easy task and even harder when you leave it till Friday to get started meaning a weekend of no TV, iPad or Kindle.

Stop worrying about stuff out of your control

Are you a worrier? I am and it’s easy to allow these thoughts to take over - preventing you from making decisions and moving forward. From the major such as ‘will there be a BREXIT no deal’ to the smaller and in my case ‘will we be in our new home before Christmas’.

Embrace what you fear and begin

Embrace that which you fear most to achieve the biggest shifts in your business.

Perhaps you’ve been putting something off or you feel it’s too difficult. Maybe it’s something you tried and didn’t get right or felt overwhelmed by. Here's the thing, it's most likely the activity that will have the greatest impact on your business.

what are the benefits of working with a business coach

Following on from my recent posts, I wanted to explain why you need a business coach. A nice follow on from Mindset, Motivation or Willpower – which is needed in business and It takes time to create a successful business. So, let's dive in and find out why.

This post has been inspired by a recent conversation in a Facebook group. The question was motivation or willpower to which I answered not willpower but mindset and here is why.

it takes time to create a successful business

Today while on LinkedIn I came across a share by Keith Hanson owner of local recruitment agency Personnel Placements. According to the article he shared, it takes UK businesses on average more than five months to train a new employee.

Over the past twelve months, I’ve paid particular interest to my own thoughts and feelings and I’m here to tell you mindset is everything. It could be the one thing preventing you from achieving the success you desire and deserve.

slow down to speed up

You’re here, you’re there, you’re everywhere. You’re excited by all that shines, is new and looks like the next best thing in marketing. You’re working every hour and into the night. If this sounds like you, it’s time to slow down.

Your first aid kit for reducing stress

Something I’ve come to realise is that I create my own stress. I get excited by new ideas, systems I want to implement and ‘stuff’ I want to get done in the business. Which puts ME under pressure to achieve. If this sounds like you then read on.

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