Are you expecting too much of yourself?

Are you expecting too much of yourself and your business? Are you not allowing yourself to enjoy the journey? I know at times I’m absolutely guilty of this, getting frustrated by not getting it right the first time or realising that ‘more’ work is needed.

Start today


Planning is great, it gives YOU focus and direction, yet it means nothing if YOU don’t implement said plan. You must take the daily steps and actions to achieve your goals. Did you take the required steps in 2018?

Choose success, success on your terms

What will you choose for your business in 2019? What will you strive to achieve? What daily actions will you take to reach and attain your goals? What will success look like?

Choose NOT to be overwhelmed

It’s that time of the year (oh I feel a song coming on) when you're heading to what should be a ‘wonderful time of the year’ (I'm off again). Yet as an entrepreneur and particularly a solopreneur you are can find yourself doubly stressed and completely overwhelmed.

stop trying to control that which you have no control over

A short while ago I wrote a blog asking you to stop worrying about ‘stuff’ out of your control. Since writing, I’ve realised there is another element to this .... to stop trying to control ‘stuff’ out of your control.

Align yourself with your bigger goal

Until recently I found looking ten years into the future extremely difficult. I have enough trouble remembering what’s happening at the school next week and keeping up with the after-school activities. Add into this the seasonal events and I don’t know if I’m up or down.

Are you feeling business fatigued?

Business fatigue is when YOU stop believing. When YOU struggle to get out of bed and can’t seem to focus. You are all over the place, making decisions and then changing your mind. Self-doubt is creeping in daily and you are beginning to wonder if a 9-5 job would be easier.

How visible are you

Visibility is key to business success. It’s how you show up on a daily basis that places you as the ‘go-to’ person – the expert in your field. The activity you carry out that ensures you are the first name a potential client thinks of when they need help and support.

Increase your productivity in five steps

Are you always on the lookout for ways to increase your productivity? Do you find the hours just fly by and you wonder where they went? Ever ended a day realising you had not completed the most important task? You are not alone.

Success is just around the corner

Following on from last week’s blog (QUIT Making Excuses) I wanted to reach out and tell you SUCCESS is just around the corner for YOU. This is why excuses must stop as you have no idea what is about to happen or what opportunity is about to manifest.

STOP making excuses

A bit of tough love because it’s exactly what I needed to hear and I have no doubt you do to. Like me, you might be making excuses out of fear, kidding yourself you don’t have the time or not ready. All rubbish and here is why.

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