Shake it up for success

Are you like me, always parking in the same place? I’m a creature of habit and I like order and routine. When using a car park in my home town I tend to park in the same area. Over the years I've worked out the most convenient places to park for what I want to achieve and where the largest spaces are located.

Prepare to succeed, a topic I covered in this week’s Live Masterclass over in the Make It Happen Facebook group. And resulted in one viewer deciding it was time to step into the role of being the CEO of her business and outsource her social media. Boom, result.

Three ways to increase your productivity today

You're most likely (just like everyone else) on a quest to increase your productivity in the business. Seeking a way of creating more time, that can be spent in the business or even outside of it. I hope you also want to find a way of working that results in you loving your business.

Get ready your destiny awaits

Are you giving your attention to the final destination? The end goal, your dreams and desires? Or are you focusing on the challenges, the issues and the ‘stuff’ that keeps coming up and is holding you back?

Get out of your head to achieve success

Everyone experiences times when there's so much running around inside your head you think it might explode. Good thoughts, ideas, negative thoughts, jobs and tasks that need doing in the business, around the house and for the family. Snatches of conversations and that voice of doubt chipping away at you.

Are you holdings yourself stuck?

Of course, you’re not deliberately keeping yourself stuck, although you might be doing just that without realising it. I’ve recently been doing a huge amount of personal work, around mindset, manifesting, the law of attraction and money blocks. It’s been eye-opening and I’m thrilled that it’s not only having a positive impact on my business but my life as a whole.

How will you invest your 10,000 pounds in the business?

This is a question I often ask in my Facebook Group, to inspire thought and to help me understand the need of members. It’s a fabulous question and the amount is deliberately small, okay that is relative but small compared to say a million pounds.

Are you coming at it from a place of scarcity?

Scarcity is a fear, an emotion - a feeling. A place you will keep yourself unless YOU take the conscious action to change. “Easy for you to say Lindsey” you might be thinking, yet it’s not. It’s taken me time and a huge amount of personal development to truly understand. Which is why I’m sharing it with you.

Change is empowering, change is good

Insanity: Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results. So why do we insist on doing it? Because change is most likely outside of your comfort zone. Yet, change is empowering, and change is good.

Stop doing that SH&T NOW

You are wasting your precious time doing SH&T that doesn’t deserve your attention and I’m giving you permission to STOP. How do I know this because I’ve been doing the same and NO more. I’m off this hamster wheel of busy and I’m here to tell you why YOU need to join me.

work smarter to reduce the pressure

Work less to reduce the pressure you're putting yourself under ... a statement that might have left you rolling around the floor with laughter shouting ‘what planet are you on Lindsey!’ As an entrepreneur, freelancer, mumpreneur or business owner – no matter the title you use, working less will reduce stress and relieve the pressure YOU’RE putting yourself under.

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