start with the end in mind

Start with the end in mind always. A simple tip and one that I must confess had rather passed me by. A lightbulb moment that has resulted in greater focus and increased productivity. More importantly, everything becoming easier and more fun!

5 things you can do instead of screaming

I am no different from you and like you have days when I could just scream. When everything seems harder than it should be and nothing is going right. It’s usually because I’m pushing to create, achieve or do, I’m not allowing the process to flow or be fun - I’m putting myself under pressure.

do what you love, every day

You’ve most likely heard or read the words of musician Marc Anthony before. Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life. It makes good sense that when you do what you love it is easy, fun and never feels like work.

Do you want it badly enough

Today I write having been inspired by a 'thought', which I received from The Thoughts Project and written by the brilliant Mark Fritz. An international specialist on leadership and who I've had the pleasure of meeting virtually.


Over recent weeks my writing has very much had a ‘success’ focus – well let’s be honest, it's what you desire and YOU deserve. Today I'm here to remind you to take the action and implement your plan. Creating the momentum you need so you will achieve that success and turn your dreams into a reality.

Take the leap and fly

Over the past eighteen months, I’ve been doing a HUGE amount of mindset work. I’ve been opening myself up to new ways of doing and thinking about 'stuff' in the business. It’s been exciting and of course scary. It’s the leap of faith that will enable me to fly.

Shake it up for success

Are you like me, always parking in the same place? I’m a creature of habit and I like order and routine. When using a car park in my home town I tend to park in the same area. Over the years I've worked out the most convenient places to park for what I want to achieve and where the largest spaces are located.

Prepare to succeed, a topic I covered in this week’s Live Masterclass over in the Make It Happen Facebook group. And resulted in one viewer deciding it was time to step into the role of being the CEO of her business and outsource her social media. Boom, result.

Three ways to increase your productivity today

You're most likely (just like everyone else) on a quest to increase your productivity in the business. Seeking a way of creating more time, that can be spent in the business or even outside of it. I hope you also want to find a way of working that results in you loving your business.

Get ready your destiny awaits

Are you giving your attention to the final destination? The end goal, your dreams and desires? Or are you focusing on the challenges, the issues and the ‘stuff’ that keeps coming up and is holding you back?

Get out of your head to achieve success

Everyone experiences times when there's so much running around inside your head you think it might explode. Good thoughts, ideas, negative thoughts, jobs and tasks that need doing in the business, around the house and for the family. Snatches of conversations and that voice of doubt chipping away at you.

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