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Corporate Social Responsibility … how does it benefit the SME or sole trader?

Firstly what is corporate social responsibility or CSR?  Certainly not to be sniffed at and a valuable tool to your business but what does it actually mean and how can it benefit you the small medium enterprise or sole trader? 

I made my fortune on Facebook

Of course if I had made my fortune I would be posting on Facebook images of me in exotic locations.  On my fan page posts on how you too can make thousands by following my top tips, downloading my ebook or signing up to my course!  Anyway, back to reality here in Wiltshire where I am wondering if the weather will ever warm up enough so that my heating stops kicking in. 

& and

Do you have an ever growing to do list?  A list that no matter how hard, how fast or how much time you spend on it ... it just keeps on growing?  You are not alone!

I am a huge fan of a list, I write one at the beginning of each week, I have my client job list and the LBB job list and guess what?  The client list gets completed - while my own just keeps on growing! 

don't be afraid of the competition

Let’s face it we have all done it, that moment at a networking event when a similar business stands up with their elevator pitch and suddenly ours doesn’t feel good enough, and the panic sets in!  It recently happened to me on Twitter during #salisburyhour when another Virtual Assistant popped up to say hello and I had to remind myself why people do business with me .. that’s right they do business with me not LBB Business Solutions. 

I was going to write a blog about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a term that is banded about but are we really sure what it's all about! Now since I am no expert I went to Blue Bee Solutions, the wonderful people who built my website and who you have probably heard me raving about on many occasion and here are their words of wisdom on the topic of SEO!

I am presently in the process of writing 7-steps to social media savy … an e-book I am creating so social media never far from my mind (and will be available very soon)!  However, enough about me and my plans … I wanted to talk about Twitter.  A little like marmite you love it or it hate but please do not doubt is benefits to your business. 

The irony of this blog is not lost on me as I am yet to find my blog flow, not my writing flow but my consistency in blogging flow, which is why over the festive period I have been giving my blog and blogging plenty of thought; reading and learning; and in 2015 have committed to regular blogging.

woman with her arms out wide

I recently took on the challenge of presenting a Marketing Master Class for Women on Wednesday a networking group that I co-run.  Now the challenge was not speaking as I am a confident speaker, the challenge was that I had just 10-minutes. 

In preparing for my presentation it got me thinking about the tools and techniques that I use; some I picked up at a presentation training day … without giving too much away about my age … over 15-years ago and perhaps less than 20!

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