Key to successful marketing is knowing your target audience: your ideal customer or client. By understanding who they are, you can discover where they hang out and of course by putting yourself in their shoes understand what’s keeping them up at night. Simple really!

How do we turn our business dreams and aspirations into reality? A question I am sure you have asked yourself, I certainly have and recently been searching for the answer. Sadly, I don’t have a magic wand, it quite simply does take sheer hard work. So what holds us back?

Like most online marketing, it's important to understand how to maximise search engine optimisation so YOU make the most of your time spent using the channel for marketing purposes. You can pin all day long, but if you're not optimising for keywords and using an effective keywords strategy, you might be wasting your time.

Creation versus curation

When training or speaking on social media, or just in general conversation the statement I hear most is ‘I don’t know what to post’! It is a common worry and concern and often why social media fails because it leads to inconsistency and infrequent updates, tweets and posts.

I was suffering from bloggers block last week so I took to the internet for inspiration, and consequently got distracted by SEM, Search Engine Marketing.  There is an acronym for everything these days, but to put it simply - this is your pay per click campaign or strategy, AdWords!

Quite simply a virtual networking hour, a place to connect, promote and engage.  The key words being connect and engage, just like face to face networking you are building relationships – not hard selling.  There are many hours for you to choose from and the first step to success is finding the right one for you.


In January I presented ‘Priorities and Balancing’ to kick off the Women on Wednesday networking lunch programme.  I am constantly faced with the battling priorities of running my business, client work and balancing family life.  Add to this the school run, managing the home and everything else in between and at times it can feel like I am chasing my tail.

Show Facebook some love

I have blogged about Facebook before but I thought it time to write again. Love it or hate it social media is a valuable part of any marketing strategy. There are 1.55 billion monthly active Facebook users and more people own a mobile phone than a toothbrush! Another interesting fact is that a total of 40% of the population have internet compared to only 1% in 1995!

January is the perfect time to review your business and plan for the year ahead.  So this week I grabbed a coffee and thought about all that I wanted to achieve in 2016 and what I needed to do!  It is easy to get distracted throughout the year, and this is the time to make sure I am on course, clear in my business direction and that all the tools I am using are working hard!

I love the start of a new week, a new to do list, a fresh page in my business, so imagine how excited I get as a year draws to a close and a new one is just around the corner.  Yes, VERY excited.  December is the perfect time to review the past year, your successes, being honest about what has worked and what has not and planning for the next 12-months.  

Stop and breathe

Stop and Breathe Simples, right, or maybe not?
After ten years running a therapy business and over twenty years working in the health profession it still amazes me how many people don’t breathe properly or actually hold their breath for good chunks of time. This is particularly astounding given that breathing is so fundamental and essential to our existence.

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