A solopreneur is someone who works for him or herself. In Britain, the number of self-employed rose from 3.8 million in 2008 to 4.6 million in 2015 (Office for National Statistics). An ever-growing number of people ditching the 9-5 and going it alone for all the fantastic benefits of working for yourself.

A new year, a new you! January seems to the time that we make resolutions that we never keep. We promise ourselves we shall be better at ‘stuff’, get fit, become a millionaire or just drink less coffee (that’s me this year so just going to grab a glass of water).

photo of snowman and text reading 'how to beat December business stress'

I have been reading that Christmas can be more stressful than a divorce! Add to this the additional pressures, worries and concerns you have as a business owner and I’m surprised we don’t all implode!

My personal inbox is full of email communication following sign up or purchase and I love them! You really should never be scared of growing your email list and communicating with your customer because they want to hear from you!

In business we can get stuck, we are held back by our success, our admin, our marketing – not having enough hours and days in the week. Our list which prevents us moving forward can be long and manifest into fear of developing our business. Add to this the doubters, the negativity of others and our own internal fear of being better, bigger, more successful and the quicksand tightens and drags us down.

We are drawn in by the adverting stories we watch on the television. The washing up liquid that lasts and lasts to the benefit of getting your eyes tested to prevent you taking a roller coaster ride while eating your cheese sandwiches. All told in the format of a story – and it works because it makes us smile or brings a tear to the eye and we remember the advertiser!

Let’s first be clear, open and honest. There are no easy steps to business success, there is no quick 1,2,3 and you are living in the big house and staying in six-star hotels in exotic locations. Sorry but that is the truth of it!

I recently took an enquiry from a business owner who wanted help with a direct mail marketing campaign. I loved their concept and got excited when discussing what this might look like and how it would work – because direct mail marketing can be successful if done really well. But soon realised it was a ‘shot in the dark’!

Key to successful marketing is knowing your target audience: your ideal customer or client. By understanding who they are, you can discover where they hang out and of course by putting yourself in their shoes understand what’s keeping them up at night. Simple really!

How do we turn our business dreams and aspirations into reality? A question I am sure you have asked yourself, I certainly have and recently been searching for the answer. Sadly, I don’t have a magic wand, it quite simply does take sheer hard work. So what holds us back?

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