Email is one of the biggest time drains in business today. It’s on every device and constantly shouting ‘you’ve got mail’ pulling you away from the task at hand. While I don’t believe we can do without it ... don’t let it rule your life!

Time is our most valuable resource and we all have the same amount. So why is it that some days fly but with little accomplished and the most important job on your list left undone? I look at four time drainers you are most likely guilty of and how to avoid them. 

A Facebook fan page is where you create authenticity, it's where you can build your brand and reputation. The benefits of a page include the built in analytics which helps you to understand what works, the optimal time to post and much, much more. You can advertise your page, boost your posts and create adverts to meet key objectives including lead generation.

We are all increasingly aware of looking after our personal information well. If you are running a business, staying safe online has much wider implications. Directed attacks on SMEs are becoming more and more widespread and the National Cyber Security Alliance estimates that 60% of all hacked SMEs go out of business within 6 months.

I recently presented a workshop and of course had my business cards to hand. Now while I still love my business brand and colour I gave them out with a sigh. They no longer make me feel all grown up, a proud business owner and serious business woman! Designed almost four years ago when my business was very different the message is now all wrong!

It seems like a rather simple and perhaps even stupid question BUT I am preparing a presentation on ‘marketing’. I want to do something different so my thinking cap has been well and truly on for an inspiring presentation on that huge topic that is marketing.

LinkedIn is the place to find and be found and the most powerful business networking website with over 25 million profiles viewed daily! Are you maximising on the potential LinkedIn offers? Not just another platform and certainly not just for recruiters, it offers huge potential for B2B services and should not be overlooked.

Ever wondered why your products don’t sell or you can’t fill your programmes? It's not easy marketing your own business and writing copy, particularly copy that resonates with your audience, client or customer. Believe me, we have all been there and it can be paralysing.

Oh yes, we have all been there ... staring at the screen for inspiration, hoping that a thought might pop into our head. We sit and wait for our fingers to start flying across the keyboard but nothing.

There are times when action is critical, there is no time to plan and you must react. However, we can sometimes act without proper thought or planning. This might be because we had a good idea, we have seen elsewhere a marketing tactic we want to replicate or are told by others we should be doing it.

Social media is a must for any business and its value to your overall marketing strategy should not be overlooked. It gives you a platform to open two way conversation with your customer, opportunity to showcase your business and show yourself as the expert in your field; and access to a worldwide audience. 

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