Get crystal clear on your vision

My recent blogs have focused on hearing, receiving and acting upon the guidance from within. No matter if you call it intuition, inner business mentor, higher self or see it as your connection to source energy. The more you practice the art of listening the more you’ll receive.

Hear, receive and act

Last week the blog focused on being aware of the guidance within. Allowing yourself to hear and receive that guidance. Yet if you do nothing with it ... what does this say about you? What message are you sending the universe?

Hear the guidance from within

If you’re not listening, you can’t be open to receive. Call it what you like, inner guidance, intuition, higher self or inner business mentor. She/he can’t be heard if the white noise is louder.

When should YOU act on the ‘eureka’ moment

I had a ‘eureka’ moment this week. It was a relatively big idea, it was achievable and it got me super excited. But what made me laugh was that I was finding excuses and reasons not to embrace the idea. Has that ever happened to you?

Everything is possible with the right energy

I’ve got to do that, this or the other. I’ve got to finish this, that or the other. There isn’t an ounce of positive energy behind those words. I have to do that, this or the other. Words that are draining my energy just typing.

Is it okay to change the path?

You and your business are continually growing, developing and changing. There is no better time than now to realign, check in with your plans and make the changes needed. Don’t wait!

Hold your belief close

Belief ... an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. Accept that it exists or is true and it will be. Hold that belief close and allow this acceptance to guide you in all that you do.

Reconnect and lead your business to success

One of the modules in the Business Success Programme focuses on YOU being the CEO of your business. Being in control and leading your business. And if you’re not yet wearing your CEO pants with pride it’s time.

Five reasons to hire a business coach

If you’re thinking about hiring a coach, no idea why you would need one or just a little bit intrigued. I share five reasons you should and it doesn’t have to be me.

Leap and the net will appear

Leap and the net will appear is a quote attributed to Michael Hyatt and one that recently came across my screen. It's about having faith in all that you do and knowing that the net will appear and this resonates for me.

7 mistakes I made in my business

I’ll be honest I’m still work in progress, that’s what being entrepreneur is. It’s you on a journey where you continue to develop and grow. Learning every day. And it’s exciting and fun OR should be.

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