There is much talk of content being king and while this is very true I would go one step further and say relevant content is KING!  Your website, blog or social media posts can be amazing copy BUT, if NOT resonating with your ideal client then your marketing will still not be successful!

How well do you know your customer or client?  Are you listening to them?
If we do not hear what is being said, how can we write copy or content that is relevant, that shows us to be the expert, that provides the answer to our clients problem, the solutions to their dilemmas.  It is not rocket science!  By truly understanding who your customer is and what issues, concerns or worries they have every day, you can write in a way that hits home, that shouts you understand and before you know it you are writing KING CONTENT!












Let me explain ...
Banks are brilliant at listening to their customer and understanding their problems (putting aside all the high level cock ups they have made).  In recent years’ banks opened on a Saturday because they understood that many of their customers were too busy to visit Monday to Friday – brilliant! 

My bank now closes earlier on Saturday but its okay I have an App for that, yes they listened again, adapted to an ever changing environment and now not only do I have online banking but also with a tap on my phone bills can be paid, transactions checked and more.  You can even pay for items across the counter – again brilliant!

When I visit my local branch I am greeted at the door, asked what I would like to do today and assisted either by a person, a machine or I can even log into my account right there in branch.  No more glass patricians, a warm welcome, a friendly service and still listening!

Step into the shoes of your ideal customer, think like them and act like them
By doing this you will start to truly know them and be the perfect solution.  You need to answer their prayers, remove their stress and make their business or personal (depending on your business) lives easier.

Once you understand your ideal client inside and out your marketing will be using the right words, phrases and terminology to be heard above the noise! 

Good marketing makes the company look smart.  
Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.
Joe Chernov

Make your customer feel smart for all the right reasons!


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