Think about the tradesmen that you call when something goes wrong in your home, the gasman the electrician, the builder.  All qualified people doing jobs that we just don’t know how to do.  In your business you might need the help of a solicitor, HR specialist or tax expert and these professional services we seem comfortable with seeking the support of … for very obvious reasons.

So why are we so fearful of outsourcing other elements of our business; those tasks that take up valuable time or we are NOT skilled in and together are preventing us from moving forward?

Let me give you an example that will resonate with my women readers.  I recently decided that having talked about getting a cleaner for over a year it was time to stop worrying about the additional expense and get one.  I did, and my house is cleaner so I don’t stress about it, I don’t waste valuable time that could be spent with my children and I feel in control again of the house!  I don’t have to feel guilty about working and not finding time to hoover and all this is good for my wellbeing, the mood of the house and my business!

I am a little OCD and just having a cleaner and tidier home is good for my mind.  Also guess what, when I do have a spare 10-minutes I can do those jobs around the house that only I can do and need to be done but are bottom of the list.

Gentleman stick with it here, as this is where it gets interesting. 

Imagine what you could achieve in your business with the paperwork taken care of, your diary organised, your debtors chased.  Think bigger and your marketing plan actioned, your Twitter feed full of great content, blogs written, and new contracts won and your turnover increased! 

The possibilities are endless!  By outsourcing the jobs you hate, the ones that leave you feeling overwhelmed, that are just not your bag will get you back in the driving seat of your business.

I outsource myself, enlisting support and help of others that do the jobs that were preventing me from building my business.  It is liberating and means I can work with more lovely clients!

You have plans, dreams and ambitions for your business, so what is stopping you achieving them and could outsourcing make a difference?

Drop me an email to arrange a discovery call to establish how LBB Business Solutions can get you driving your business and not peddling it!

PS I don’t clean, mow the lawn or fix your computer!

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