Of course if I had made my fortune I would be posting on Facebook images of me in exotic locations.  On my fan page posts on how you too can make thousands by following my top tips, downloading my ebook or signing up to my course!  Anyway, back to reality here in Wiltshire where I am wondering if the weather will ever warm up enough so that my heating stops kicking in. 

Perhaps like me you sign up to newsletters from the FB experts, the ones who post from a beach in Thailand or a café in Paris.  Now let me be clear it is not that I disbelieve that they have made their fortune or that they are not indeed sat on a beach.  I have downloaded many an e-book and even purchased tutorials because I am looking for that nugget of gold that will make my FB number of likers increase!  I recently and with huge excitement clicked through to one blog thinking ‘this is it’ the answer I have been looking for and what did I find?

Not the FB secret I have been searching for but sound advice reaffirming all that I preach!  Yippee I have become the expert!   I believe that I talk and share marketing basics that build foundations to a strong and successful business;; these rules I have always applied to FB and in my view is the secret!  Below I share with you my five top tips and they are not a secret!

two desk chairs facing the sea
Feet up, I've made my millions!

My top tips ... apply, sit back and watch your fan base develop!

Know your customer - who they are, what they look like, where they shop, what they read, what problems they are facing daily, what is holding their business back and most importantly how your business (or you) can be the solution!  Whether that is selling them the perfect pair of shoes, managing their diary or coaching them out of bad habits without knowing who your customer is what chance do you have of marketing with success!

Be professional – sounds obvious but you want your ideal customer or client to do business with you because you are the best!  If you want five star clients you need to be five star – a little like the old adage ‘dress for the job you want not the job you have’.

Consistency is key – this applies across your business from how many posts or tweets a day, to branding and everything else in between.   Imagine joining a networking group and attending just one breakfast … what would happen?  Nothing, the phone would not ring and your email will not ping.  To avoid disappointed get consistent!

Be absolutely clear what your offering is – and put it out into the universe!  Stay with me people, especially the cynics of this process!  Whether you believe this or not the fact remains that our universe is extremely complex and clever.  So if you are clear about your offering and business direction this will naturally flow into your marketing material and most importantly, in my view, how you talk about your business.  This will result in better understanding by those that you network with and therefore the referrals you receive will be, by default, your ideal client.  The universe needs a little help so send out clear messages through your business and you.

Learn from those around you – yes keep reading those blogs and newsletters because we should never stop learning.  Who knows one day you may be the one writing how you made your first million and retired to the beach!

Remember online networking is no different from actual networking ... it takes time, commitment and consistency but does pay off!  Now I am off to the beach!  Don't forget to visit and like my Facebook page ... after all you don't want to miss out on my exotic location photos!

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