Do you have an ever growing to do list?  A list that no matter how hard, how fast or how much time you spend on it ... it just keeps on growing?  You are not alone!

I am a huge fan of a list, I write one at the beginning of each week, I have my client job list and the LBB job list and guess what?  The client list gets completed - while my own just keeps on growing! 

Where am I going wrong?
The LBB list is all that I want to achieve, daily and weekly tasks which pretty much get done and those required to develop my business.  Now I was introduced to the DayTimer system many years ago (not telling you how many) when I was a PA in Hong Kong and I still use many of the techniques I learnt today.   So what is holding me back?

light builbs all in a row
Light bulb moment!

A light bulb moment … now why it took me so long is beyond me, especially when I have written before about ‘chunking down’, so most definitely time for me to walk the talk.

Quite simply the tasks on my list were just too large to be achieved ... for instance 'write an e-book' - don’t worry I did have a topic in mind.  When I had space in my day to focus on LBB I would look at the my list and think ‘oh I don’t have time for that’ and there the task remained, unloved and waiting my attention.

By swapping 'create an e-book' with ‘e-book - write step one’ ... guess what ... I got the job done!   I am pleased to say that all my e-book steps have been written and I am presently creating the book itself.  Each week I take a couple of the steps and drop them into the template and cross the task off my list! Simples!

Your to do list could be the very thing that is holding your business back, preventing you from moving forward on a project or just getting in the way!  I remain a huge advocate of the list but I needed to remind myself how to make them work!

Get your to do list working for you today:
1. Write down all the things you need to achieve in your business, or for a project
2. Break the tasks into manageable (yep that’s the secret right there … manageable) actions
3. Schedule the actions by month, week, day and even by the hour
4. Get started and cross those tasks off your list!

Not a fan of pen and paper - not a problem why not try a fantastic place to create your list.  I like as a place to throw all the things I would like to do, when I get time will do or just want to look at but not where I chunk down to achieve.  You can add deadlines, documents and so much more! I also use where I have created the project LBB Business Solutions and where I keep on top of my business from a day to day perspective and forward planning and development.

Right, that’s another task I can tick off my list, nicely providing me content for my next newsletter as well – double whammy in the completion of just one task from my no longer ever growing to do list!

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