During these challenging times, it is difficult to stay upbeat and positive or see a way forward. Uncertainty surrounds us here in the UK and across the globe, normal feels like a thing of the past.

This too will passOn this day (Saturday 21st March 2020) as I write the sun shines brightly through my office window and the breeze is drying my washing. The internet still works and I’m surrounded by a lovingly family.

Yesterday the schools closed their doors to my children and the community, and with my husband already working from home, home life is going to be different.

Last night the pubs and restaurants closed their doors with no idea how long for and while some are creating solutions to this enforced closure others are not able.

Supermarket shelves are bare and the vulnerable are self-isolating.

And yet abundance surrounds us.

From this pandemic, the likes of which I have certainly never seen before, beauty flourishes. Neighbour helping neighbour and Facebook groups springing up to support communities.

People talking, yes actually talking in the queue, in the aisles or simply in passing. Smiling has become the new hug, which means we are doing more of it and with those, we don’t know or never talked with before.

When asking ‘do you need anything’ the question is genuine, and more and more are accepting help offered.

Air pollution is reducing and the natural world around us is flourishing.

Businesses are looking at creative ways of serving their customers, clients and patients. Have begun paying money the respect it deserves and looking at where and how it is spent. Reviewing how they work and finding more efficient ways of working and communicating.

I truly believe that if you see COVID-19 as the gift that it is, you WILL come through this time AND stronger than you ever believed possible.

You are being gifted time.

To stop being busy and enjoy the simpler things in life, playing a game with your children or taking a walk for no reason but to truly experience the surroundings.

An extended moment to reflect on who you’ve become and all that you’ve achieved. Time to expand your understanding of the wider world, the role you play and who you want to be in the future – this is your time to grow.

I’m not saying this is easy.

I’m not saying that you won’t have moments of wobble, worry and nope sorry can’t come up with another ‘w’.

You’re human after all and it IS okay to have those moments, providing you’re able to acknowledge those feelings and then (in the words of Gabby Berstein, among others) choose again. Choose again or ask a different question.

Change ‘why is this happening right now’ to ‘why is this amazing opportunity happening to me right now’ or ‘what can I learn from this experience’.

Finally, and before I leave please remember ‘this too will pass’ – like the drama of Brexit and here in Salisbury the Novichok incident. Just like personal challenges, dramas and periods of what at the time may have felt like darkness, it did pass.

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