Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you I'm a very positive person, yet for many years this was a complete front. As deep inside there was a HUGE amount going on and while I could act positive, I wasn’t.

Make feeling good your top priority

In hindsight, the energy needed to create this front would have been far better used to do the internal work necessary, which thankfully I did realise.

A positive person focuses on what is good.

This was my problem, I was so busy focusing on trying to be positive that I wasn't focusing on what was good. The amazing things that were already working out for me, the small shifts and tiny wins. Steps I was taking to move myself and the business forward but taking for granted.

How to cultivate a positive attitude.

I’ve learnt that a positive attitude (the ability to focus on good) is a choice. I can choose to focus my attention on the good, the positive and amazing things that are happening around me and for me. Or the negative things, what I don't like, enjoy or want in my life. It really can be that simple and I will receive more of what I focus on, so it goes without saying I now focus on feeling good.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re having a really bad day, the day continues to be bad? The type of day when the internet is patchy or goes down, your laptop is working at a snail's pace, the phone doesn’t stop ringing and you're firefighting.

What you may not realise or be conscious of, is that your thoughts and energy are all focused on the negative, meaning you attract more of the same.

The great news is that you can change your focus at any moment and the easiest way is to give thanks. Being grateful is the most powerful weapon in your energetic toolbox and you can find out more in my Gratitudes aren't just for good days blog.

Start cultivating a positive attitude today.

I cultivate my positive attitude by meditating and journaling daily (well almost). I also read to expand my knowledge and my excitement for what is possible, making self-development and growth a priority.

By doing this I'm learning to trust myself. I'm creating space/stillness to receive inspiring thought and creative solutions to move my business forward. The rippling effect and benefit of doing this goes beyond my business and into my personal life meaning it's even easier to be positive and feel good.

I've learnt to pay attention to my thoughts. Now knowing and understanding that where my attention goes, energy flows. Start paying attention to your thoughts today and when a negative one pops up, you know the ones like "I can't do this" - change them immediately. Flip your energy by asking a different question; for example "why CAN I do this" or perhaps "why should I do this".

Change the question to change the focus and flip the energy.

Make feeling good your new priority, your only priority and start enjoying an abundance of time, good health, happiness and more. Whatever you desire is waiting for you, don't make it wait any longer.



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