Are my fears keeping me from playing my bigger game is a question I’ve been pondering. I can see easily and quickly what others fear and what my clients are not doing because fear is holding them stuck. But this is tougher in my own business.

Are your fears preventing you from playing your bigger gameIt’s harder because it is my business and its why business coaches are invaluable. They guide you to see what you can’t and support you in moving past the fear so you might flourish.

This week I’ve started reading Energetic Selling and Marketing by the truly amazing Lenka Lutonska. A book described as a practical and spiritual guide for women in business and it’s got me thinking about how you and I move past the fear.

Firstly, I believe that fear should be acknowledged.

Yes, only by acknowledging fear can you see it for what it really is or represents.

Sometimes this can be done quickly and easily, such as doing a Facebook live or attending a networking event for the first time. A bit like ripping off a plaster once done you feel relief and often realise it wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought.

Not always the case and on occasion you may need to dig a little deeper, which is what I’ve been doing. This is when you realise that the fear is attached to something bigger and keeping you safe. Yet, how many times have I written that it’s outside of your comfort zone that the magic happens?

Many. But how do you move forward from fear?

After acknowledging fear should be explored.

It is too easy to hide behind your fear and stay safe, so I urge you to explore what your fear or more importantly what it's stopping you from doing.

When hiding the excuses for not ‘doing’ are plentiful, they come fast and can become completely irrational. What I’ve come to see is that the fear I’m experiencing has nothing to do with the action, project or idea... it is bigger than that. So, by first acknowledging I am able to explore and get to the root cause, which is actually exciting.

Now because it’s exciting, I know it’s right and I must find a way past the ‘initial’ fear, which is actually easier than it sounds.

By exploring your fear it enables you to find creative solutions in the business and experience personal growth. Using the emotion, you can move forward, personally and in the business. You will find the courage and the path will become clearer.

Can I help you acknowledge and explore your fears?

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Don't let fear stop you from becoming all that you can be. This is your time to flourish.


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