I’m choosing to have more fun and committed to feeling GOOD in 2020. I don't even care that pink is not my brand colour, as today I'm having fun. What are you choosing for 2020 and how do want to feel?

If I asked you to choose one word that will define and guide your year, what would it be? This was a question I asked in my recent five-day challenge and participants choose some amazing words. Consistency, Vitality, Profit, Growth, Trust, Ease, Flow and my own Fun!

All fabulous and chosen with good reason.

I’ve written about the power of words before.

I'm choosing to have more fun in 2020, what about you?Urged you to be aware of self-talk, how you speak to yourself (out loud or in your head).

Suggested that you start noticing when you're talking yourself up and down.

How you speak to yourself can be the difference between an awesome day, a successful project and the complete opposite.

When you spiral down into self-doubt and suddenly your ego is loud and proud. Those times when imposter syndrome bites you on the... you know where.

Choosing one word to guide your year makes brilliant sense and I ask you again, what ONE word ARE you choosing?

In case you're interested

I choose FUN because quite simply I want to experience more of it in my business and I shall be giving my attention ONLY to activity that is fun, inspires me and makes me feel good. Using the intention to have FUN will guide what I do, how I do it and help me to let go of that which doesn’t further my business.

Which was and in some ways still is this blog, which until now I was committed to publishing weekly. However, it was beginning to feel like a chore, meaning I was most likely not coming across as the real me – which is not a good thing. I want you to read my blogs and feel connected to me. Even better take away a golden nugget, something you can implement or reassures you that you are not alone in this entrepreneurial journey.

I no longer want to push in my business, force myself to write a blog because I MUST. Plus, when I use the word push I think of childbirth which was on both occasions a horrendous experience and one I won’t be repeating.

More importantly, I don’t want you to feel as if working in and on your business is like pushing a double-decker bus up a hill. (A better analogy than childbirth I'm thinking.)


Have you noticed a change? I know I have.

This new year and decade is special, dynamic even and is pulling me and you towards awesomeness. This is our time to manifest our dreams more easily and with more fun obviously.

Last year I set the intention to get up earlier and failed BIG time. In fact, instead of bouncing out of bed, it was more of a 'crawling' at the very last minute. This week, I’ve been getting up early with ease and waking with excitement for the day ahead. I’ve been at my desk journaling and meditating before the children wake.

I’ve been taking part in a challenge and every day creating the time to take part. I’m halfway through and know that I will finish, which doesn’t always happen especially for challenges over five days in length!

This year is going to be amazing for YOU and Me.

BUT if you're not YET feeling the pull of 2020, still feeling that you've lost your way or misplaced your mojo. Book a Business Freedom Coaching Call, it’s my gift to you and you can access my diary to book here.

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