I’m choosing again and can’t believe I’m writing this blog on the third day of January. Yet I pride myself on being honest with you and hope sharing this may be of service if not today, then in your future.

It's okay to choose again and I highly recommend itLast year was fabulous, momentum built from April onwards and I was totally energised throughout. I made some awesome and big decisions as the year drew to a close and was super pumped for all that lay waiting for me.

Then boom. I was hit by a virus that hit me for six, seven and eight. It felt as if I’d been hit and run over by the Coca-Cola Christmas truck. Hot, cold, hacking cough, sore throat and eventually convinced myself I had man flu. I kept telling myself I had plenty of time over the holidays to keep on top of things and rest – neither I managed very well.

As the new year dawned, I was in full-on panic mode about all that needed my attention and focus. The work I had planned to give my attention to during an odd hour or day over the festive period.

I was wearing 'sickness' like a badge of honour.

If asked I would talk of my exhaustion and proceed to list my ailments, comparing and sympathising with others. Followed by 'but I've had a lovely festive period' which is true.

Today I woke feeling no better, worrying about what to blog about, how to regain my momentum and thinking ‘how the hell am I going to give the right energy to my five-day challenge starting Monday’.

When it hit me, that I could choose again.

I can stop wallowing in my exhaustion and ‘unwellness’ and choose to be back on my a-game. I can choose to be energised, excited for what lies ahead and throw myself back into living life and operating my business with all the enthusiasm I enjoyed last year.

There was nothing to stop me and it was all about mindset.

Oh my goodness how many times have I talked, written and covered this very topic in lives? Many, many times and probably on a weekly if not daily basis. And yet I’d allowed myself to be swallowed up by feeling miserable and sorry for myself.

Well no more, I am done with it and I’m restarting 2020. I’m ready to realise my dreams, manifest my desires and have the most abundant year.

This simple shift in mindset has resulted in me feeling completely different - both mentally and physically. So 2020, bring it on because I am back.

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