You and your business are continually growing, developing and changing. There is no better time than now to realign, check in with your plans and make the changes needed. Don’t wait!

Is it okay to change the path? Hell yes.Over the past week, I’ve been taking part in Lenka Lutonska Quantum Leap Bootcamp. Oh my, oh my. The realisations were coming thick and fast and the biggest was I’m playing small.

How did that happen, I asked myself?

You might well be wondering, me being a business coach and all. But it’s exactly why I work with coaches because I’m not perfect. I need to be pushed out of my comfort zone and challenged just like you.

“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination". A quote by Jimmy Dean that has been on my mind this week.

You see I didn’t need to change the destination, the clarity on where I want the business to be and what this means to me has not changed. I simply needed to adjust the sails.

Deciding I was playing small, made me realise that by revising the plan I could achieve the ten-year goals faster! This isn’t truly exciting (and I'm talking jump up and down exciting) because it will happen sooner, although that is lovely.


It’s because by reconnecting with the long-term plan I can see that until I stretch myself, I will stay right here. More importantly, I’m ready to play my bigger game and that is jump up and down, punch the air and treat myself exciting.

You see while being right here is lovely, warm and cosy and I already get to work with amazing clients. I need to jump out of this comfort zone I’ve created. Because, as I’m telling you all the time, the magic is on the other side and I’m ready.

Are you ready for a Quantum Leap?

Now, I could at this point offer you a free strategy call or tell you about my programmes. But I’ve decided instead to tell you that the Quantum Leap Bootcamp has been turned into an online course.

A 4-part online video training that will get you to that energetic place where MIRACLES become your new normal. It is worth every penny of £197 and I think it’s worth far, far more.

You can find out more here and before you ask this is NOT an affiliate link. I’m sharing because I want you to experience the Quantum Leap as I did ... delivered by Lenka herself.

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