Belief ... an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. Accept that it exists or is true and it will be. Hold that belief close and allow this acceptance to guide you in all that you do.

Hold your belief closeYou will have days when you wake and believe that anything is possible. These are the days when content flows, sales calls covert and every conversation fills you with excitement.

Acknowledge and give thanks for these days and hold the feeling close for when you wake in a different frame of mind.

This morning I woke from an interesting, complex and worrying dream.

Full of people I used to know, me acting in ways I no longer behave and full of angst. As I thought about the dream, fear gripped - would this dream dictate my day?

It's all about choice and choosing a different way.

While the dream continues to appear in my thinking - hence this blog. Before starting my day I took time out to seek silence. Taking the opportunity for deep breathing as a means of releasing the tension I was holding, to repeat my daily affirmations. Then visualising an amazing day.

I'm choosing not to allow a dream (of possibly no meaning at all) infiltrate my day or more importantly my thoughts.

By using my journal I focused on the positive, recording what's working in the business and the abundance that surrounds me. This is also the place I write my daily gratitudes and all that I appreciate in the business - my beliefs shining out from every page.

Previously I used my journal to empty my busy mind of swirling thoughts, yet this more often than not resulted in a negative piece of writing. As a HUGE fan of Abraham Hicks, I know that what I give my attention to is what I will receive, which is why I acknowledge negative thought but do not allow them in. And they certainly don't appear in the pages of my journal, as that would dull the positivity and belief held there.

It's these tools and techniques that enable me to hold my belief close and then closer still - even on a bad day.

Belief can be a tough one to master and there will be days when you would rather eat crisps, hide under the duvet or download a box set to gorge upon. It takes daily practise and in the beginning, may feel too huge for you to handle.

This week I said to a client, ‘I believe in you and I will hold that belief until you're ready’.

Can I really do that you might be thinking? Of course, because we have created a plan to move her business forward and to address the gremlins. During which time her confidence will grow and so will her belief ... until then I will hold it close.

I work only with clients that I’ve total belief in. It’s almost an unwritten criteria of working with me. And I need to be as excited for your plans, ideas and dreams as you are. I’m then able to hold the belief with you or for you if needed.

What are you struggling with, where is your belief system lacking? How can I support you in strengthening your belief?

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