If you’re thinking about hiring a coach, no idea why you would need one or just a little bit intrigued. I share five reasons you should and it doesn’t have to be me.

Firstly, I want to tell you that you’re not a failure by any stretch if you hire a business coach.

hire a business coach and reach your goals soonerI don’t work with failing businesses or owners ... every single one of my clients is a huge success. They have amazing businesses and have the skills they need. So why do they hire me?

Some because they’re overwhelmed and have got a little lost along the way. Trying to do too much or not concentrating on the right activities.

Others are busy, really busy and need to streamline or create systems. Their head full of ideas, stuff and fabulous business opportunities and need guidance to gain clarity.

I've also worked with solopreneurs to launch their business, held their hand.

One thing they all have in common is their need for accountability, well doesn't everyone?

Someone to keep them on track, moving forward and asking the right questions - pushing them to be their very best.


So why should YOU hire a business coach?

One for accountability.

It can be easy to fall off the path and lose sight of the end goal, particularly for solopreneurs. A coach will support you in gaining crystal clear vision, a point from which you can plan. Actually, the only place you should plan from because with the end in mind anything is possible, And you will create plans that excite and therefore get your attention.

Accountability is an essential element and tool of any business coach. They will most likely, as I do, keep their own notes so they can remind you of promises and goals. Which in turn enables them to ask the probing questions you might be avoiding.

Two for guidance.

You wouldn’t head off for a new destination without first consulting the map or asking a friend for suggestions on the best route, would you? Coaches don’t or shouldn’t tell you what to do, instead guide your decision making. Able to use their own experience and that of their clients to support you in making sound decisions.

Independent and unbiased guidance. Sharing with you the good, the bad and the ugly from their own experience. Bringing the very best out in you to achieve your goals and ultimate success.

Three for Confidence.

Even the most confident person experiences times of self-doubt and needs a lift. Someone on and by their side and who believes in them. That is there for those times when you’re pushing yourself outside of the comfort zone and need a little extra support. When the wobbles hit and you need a sounding board and confidential space.

Business is a mindset game and your confidence can and will take a knock throughout your journey.  It's why number five below is so important.

Four for perspective.

Stuck in your own head, trying the same thing over and over and frustrated with lack of results. A coach provides a different perspective, which can be all that’s needed to see the small change or tweak that’s required. A new view to the problem that is causing you angst, allowing you to see the solution with clarity.

Many of my clients are solopreneurs, flying alone and trying to do it all. Often all they require is a little outside perspective to see things differently. The same can be said of my clients who employ staff ... it can be lonely at the top even when supported by a team.

Five for care and self-development.

You are the most valuable asset in your business and therefore taking care of you MUST be top priority. Equally allocating time for self-development is key. A good business coach will encourage your personal growth and development – which actually can do more for your business than you ever imagined.

I know from experience that working alone can result in a lack of self-development – kidding myself I didn’t need it or have time! Not true and it’s why I now incorporate a heavy focus on self-care and development with all my clients.

Since opening the doors to my business ...

I’ve made mistakes, which I’ve learnt from. I’ve grown as a person and my business benefits from every minute I give to personal development. I’ve worked with coaches continuously and it’s during these times my business has leapt forward.

Coaches who've given me the confidence to make the changes necessary, improve my planning process whereby I know create plans that excite me and get implemented. Creating freedom in and out of the business and every day enjoy an abundance of time. And I want this for you.

Book a Business Freedom Coaching Call, my gift to you where we shall uncover the hidden challenges sabotaging your success and keeping you working too many hours. There is absolutely no obligation to continue working with me after the call - this is about you and your business not me and mine! Access my diary and book your free forty-five-minute call here.


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