Leap and the net will appear is a quote attributed to Michael Hyatt and one that recently came across my screen. It's about having faith in all that you do and knowing that the net will appear and this resonates for me.

Interestingly children have limitless amounts of faith. Faith that they can do anything.

For example, my children love a climbing wall and have complete faith in the equipment and their ability. They don’t start the ascent thinking ‘what if I can’t or don't make it’ or ‘what if I can’t find the next hand or foothold’.

No, they just start and have faith they will reach the top and every hand or foothold will appear.

Mindset is everything in business

leap and the net will appearBelieving in yourself, your ability and your offering. As adults, we are plagued with anxiety and worry.

That annoying voice of doubt that pops up and says ‘you can’t do that’.

Yet faith is what gave you the courage to open the doors to your business and begin your journey. A time when you were filled with excitement, wonder for what is possible and your new ‘work’ life.

You had a strong and powerful why, a business you can operate around the family perhaps. The wish to be a leader maybe or the faith that you had something ‘special’ to offer that could change lives.

Whatever your reason, hold it close

Then along the way you are hit with self-doubt and overwhelm. Find yourself working more hours than you ever imagined possible and your dream begins to fade. This is why making YOU the priority is essential and I don’t mean jumping on a continuous ‘training’ path.

While honing your craft, learning and developing your skill are essential for success. Constant ‘training’ can be you hiding from fear or lack of faith.

You trying to reduce self-doubt and overwhelm and instead you experiencing more of the same.

Take the action

The greatest gift you can give yourself and the business is self-development.

Allocating time to develop your growth mindset, implement what you’ve learnt and taking action. Action is motivating and all it requires is for you to start. Having faith that the net will appear.

Many years ago I committed to reading self-development books. A slow journey and the list of books is ever-growing. In some ways, this has worked to my advantage. I'm better able to take on board what I’m leaning and change slowly. The point was I started, I’ve begun my self-awareness journey and now enjoying the fruits of my labour.

Leap and the net will appear.

Have you ever noticed how what you need will appear, when you allow it? When you’re open to solutions and sometimes when you throw your hands in the air and stop looking. This I’ve learnt happens when YOU surrender to it.

It also happens as you develop you. Since starting my business back in 2013 I’m now attracting those that have similar beliefs to me, business coaches with whom I share principles.

You need belief in yourself and faith that the net will appear. By committing to the action, no matter how small you’re sending the universe a very positive message. You're saying I'm ready to receive.

Could I be part of the net for you?

When clients first approach me they are often overwhelmed, falling on and off their path and frustrated by lack of results or progress. Yet they have all they need and are exactly where they need to be. Simply having me on their side and by their side is often all they need to create the shift or change needed. I provide them with accountability, guidance - delivered with a big dollop of practical and a generous sprinkling of humour.

If you're stuck, lost faith or struggling with belief, book a FREE Business Freedom Coaching Call and let's get you back on the path. You can access my diary here and I can't wait to meet you.

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