Success comes from knowing what success looks and feels like. It can’t be vague or a notion in your head. It needs to be committed to paper, written down and displayed so you can see it every day.

Six easy steps to get your business back on trackWith total clarity of the final destination, you will become more productive. Focusing on what matters, the priorities and most importantly the actions that will have the greatest impact.

So often I speak with overwhelmed business owners. Overwhelmed not because their business is failing. In fact, almost never. Instead a lack of clarity results in them working on anything but the priorities.

Alternatively, they have many aspirations and plans yet find themselves year on year go around in circles. Never moving forward and staying stuck, which can be due to a lack of confidence.

I also see and know from experience repeating the same frustrating financial results is due to an absence of accountability. I always create the biggest shifts and changes with a business coach on my side and see the same results for my own clients.

Today I want to share with you six ways to get YOU and YOUR business back on track and here they are.

1. Get crystal clear on the destination

Where do you want the business to be in ten years’ time? From here you can work backwards, creating a plan that you will stick to. A way of planning that will stop you from trying to do everything in the next twelve months which is a mistake we all make, seriously overestimating what can be achieved in a year.

2. Review your business

What needs changing to create your business in the future? What systems are missing or need tweaking to improve your efficiency? Do you have the right systems in place and I’m not talking about highly sophisticated stuff here; it could be as easy as simplifying the way you work.

3. Decide who you need to be

Okay this might sound a little strange. Owning your position in the business can be the quickest way to shift results. For instance, you might be a solopreneur and therefore the facilitator of your business. And without meaning to or realising you've neglected the role of leader. Ask yourself now ‘who do I need to be’ and step up.

4. Start building your team before you need them

This one is key and got a mention in my last blog. The phrase speculate to accumulate comes to mind. Building a team is you investing in your business and the biggest mistake I made was not doing this sooner enough.

5. Start investing in you

You are the most valuable asset of your business, start putting you first. Think beyond ditching the coffee and drinking plenty of water. Think beyond exercise and general health. Work on your mindset, skillset and make developing you a daily priority.

6. Put business support in place

This doesn’t need to be a financial investment and you can access FREE support of business coaches in Facebook Groups just like mine. Join business membership organisations and attend networking events, create your own business buddy group. Or hire a coach!

If you need a little help or guidance with any of the steps above, please book a Business Freedom Coaching Call. It’s my gift to you, FREE coaching where you and I will uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging the growth of your business and keeping you working too many hours.


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