Scarcity is a fear, an emotion - a feeling. A place you will keep yourself unless YOU take the conscious action to change. “Easy for you to say Lindsey” you might be thinking, yet it’s not. It’s taken me time and a huge amount of personal development to truly understand. Which is why I’m sharing it with you.

Stop concentrating on what you don't have to create abundance of what you needHave you ever sat and thought ... I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough clients. I don’t have enough support and the biggest one I hear frequently is ... I don’t have enough time.

If you’re a follower of mine, you might have noticed that recently there has been a focus to my writing. About mindset, priorities, choosing how you feel and act. I’ve given you permission to stop doing SH*T to reduce the overwhelm and urged you to take control of your life, your business and destiny.

Today I realised that all of these link to being in and working from a place of scarcity. In this blog I’m going to focus on time however, what I’m about to share can and does apply to all you do.

The scarcity of time

This morning (Sunday) I woke up knowing there was work to be done in the business, having lost a few hours yesterday for various reasons. I also woke up next to my seven year old son who I watched slowly wake, stretching into consciousness and didn’t want to miss it for the world ... so didn’t. We stayed in bed, talking, laughing and tickling him till he could take no more.

My daughter then wandered in carrying her bedtime toys and huge blanket she loves to snuggle under on the sofa. She joined the laughter, fun and games. A whole hour of goodness. I then went downstairs and joined everyone on the sofa and watched two episodes of a children’s series they love, enjoying another lazy hour with kids and husband.

Next, I showered, while listening to a lesson from a programme I’ve started. Then as I got ready for the day ahead, I listened to an Abraham Hicks video on YouTube. All the time, answering the silly text messages my son was sending from Daddy’s phone, chatting to my daughter and simply enjoying the morning.

When I checked the time, it was not even ten o’clock. I had plenty of time.

Since sitting at my desk, I’ve worked through the tasks and activity that needed my attention in order of priority, one by one. In between that I’ve hung two loads of washing, tidied the kitchen and now writing this blog.

I’ve had more than enough time so far today and I have no doubt I will continue to have more than enough time.

I believe this to be the case because I woke with a different frame of mind. Not worrying about how much time I DIDN’T HAVE instead simply being in the moment that was.

If I look back at my journal, the daily prompt ‘What am I struggling with right now?’ always results in the same response and always about time. Focusing on NOT having enough, having to be better at managing me to achieve the scarcity that is time.

Resulting in starting a day from a place of scarcity and not having enough time. I’ve been creating the reality of ‘not enough’ and yet today without worrying about time, I’ve created more than enough.

Are you coming from a place of scarcity in the business?

Acknowledgement is the first step to change and you CAN start the day with more than enough in every area of your business and life.

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