A short while ago I wrote a blog asking you to stop worrying about ‘stuff’ out of your control. Since writing, I’ve realised there is another element to this .... to stop trying to control ‘stuff’ out of your control.

stop trying to control that which is outside of your controlRecently I’ve been put to the test, scrub that this year has been testing. Having sold our home in February and living with my mum since. Yep, I moved my whole family into a two bedroom, three storey townhouse with my mum who is in her 70’s and fiercely independent.

When we moved in we had no idea that come December 2018 we would still be here and are! As I say testing times, not just because of the conditions we were living but houses in the area we wanted to buy in don’t come up often, or not in our budget.

Our belongings have been in storage all this time and we’ve learnt to live without them. I’ve had to work on a small desk, in our living area where my husband and I also sleep. As a family it’s been tough, running a business under these circumstances at times felt almost impossible BUT I did it. The end is now in sight and we move into our new home on 14th December.

So you see I’ve absolutely had to ‘stop worrying about stuff out of my control’. Then last week I learnt another lesson.

In the UK when buying a home you are often in a chain, this can be small or long all working to complete and move on the same day. Sounds like a nightmare and I can assure it's very stressful. Last week our relatively small chain broke down near the top, meaning most of the week was spent speaking to agents, solicitors, my husband and mum.

Time is precious and quite frankly I didn’t have time for this. I was in the middle of supporting clients in a new programme, was working with clients and a Facebook group to run. Not to mention a new programme I’m working on to launch in January. I was frustrated, not focusing my attention anywhere in particular, work projects and tasks taking twice as long and I was paddling the boat but not moving.

Then it hit me, like a bolt of lightning and on Monday morning I woke with renewed vigour and focus for my business. I stopped trying to control the uncontrollable. There was nothing I could do about the chain, there was nothing I could do about the house purchase or move – I just had to let it run its course.

This week, I’ve focused my attention on the business, where I have control. I am back on track and the stress levels reduced.

The great news is ... yesterday we exchanged. In the UK this is the point of no return, the deposit paid and move date agreed. There is no going back and we shall now be in our new perfect home before Christmas. Hell, there is plenty to do over the coming weeks to ready ourselves for the be move but that I can control.

I  urge you to look at your business and life, what are you trying to control? What are you giving your energy to that would be better placed elsewhere? While I still advocate for not worrying about that which you have no control, I now also urge you to stop trying to control it.

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