Until recently I found looking ten years into the future extremely difficult. I have enough trouble remembering what’s happening at the school next week and keeping up with the after-school activities. Add into this the seasonal events and I don’t know if I’m up or down.

Align with your bigger goalThen I realised, without knowing where I wanted the business to go long-term I had no chance of planning successfully for the year ahead. I couldn’t plot the journey of the business without clarity of the end goal.

Looking back I’ve arrived at this point of the business, into my fifth year, with no ‘real’ plan. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve planned and dreamed but only in the short term and it got me to this point.

The trouble with planning in the short-term is that twelve months can fly by. It's easy to cram every idea, project and event into those short twelve months, which can lead to complete overwhelm. Leading to you not creating the foundations needed for growing the business and possibly ending the year not having achieved your goals.

Why? Because you will have been diverted here and there taking your off track and distracted from your plan. Plus, committing to a plan that you are not aligned with is tough and you can't be aligned without knowing the end goal.

Three reasons you should transport yourself into 2029 before planning for 2019

1. You will align yourself with your bigger goal.

2. With a bigger goal, planning in the business is easier.

3. Focusing on the end goal will keep you on track and bring your success goals closer and sooner.

Three secrets to successful planning

It’s your business and your journey and planning is an annual event. Therefore there is no need to fear a ten year plan because it’s your plan. You can amend it or adjust the journey if and when necessary, hell if you change your end goal as time passes that is also totally okay.

The trick to long-term planning to achieve an ultimate goal is to put all doubts, worries and concerns aside. Don’t listen to the voice of self-doubt or inner critic, aim for the stars and be creative. Imagine everything is possible.

Setting goals and targets when imagining anything is possible is easy, to make it happen you need to understand what it will mean to the business and more importantly you. The difference it will make IN the business and the life YOU lead.

A final top tip, the importance of reward

How often do you reward yourself for achievement? If you’re anything like me never, so this year when planning I’ve decided on a reward for each of the milestones. This can be something small or big, for you personally or your family – not the business. It’s time to start appreciating you and recognising the hard work you put in.

If you're struggling with planning and find looking into the future difficult, drop me an email and I will personally send you the template I’ve used for planning in my business. Here’s my email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and put ‘I want to plan better’ in the subject.

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