Visibility is key to business success. It’s how you show up on a daily basis that places you as the ‘go-to’ person – the expert in your field. The activity you carry out that ensures you are the first name a potential client thinks of when they need help and support.

How are you standing our from the crowdI’m going to be honest with you, I thought I was visible. I was using social media, turning up at events, even invited to speak at events but the clients did not materialise. I was putting myself out there, writing blogs and pushing, pushing, pushing.

Then boom I realised, I was spreading myself too thinly, not creating shifts or changes for potential clients. Hell, I wasn’t even sure who my ideal client was. I was busy, but not concentrating my efforts in the right places or visible in the right way.


Here are four ways you can stand out from the crowd, starting today.

Know your customer

If you do nothing else nail your customer avatar, also known as a buyer persona. Get clear and I mean dig really deep on who that person is. Their pain points, challenges and problems. Find out where they hang out and focus your attention there and only there. Detail their characteristics, the industry they work in and get personal.

With absolute clarity on who your ideal customer is, you will begin attracting them in all you do.

Consistently show up

Consistency is key in all you do, the daily steps you take and in relation to visibility how and where your show. You wouldn’t chat to the person next to you on a plane or train and expect them to become your best friend. Business is no different, you need to commit to showing up and nurturing relationships from a place of giving (not selling). This is why knowing your customer like a best friend is so important.

There is no shortcut here, no quick fix. You must be in it for the long game and you need to start today.

Only be you

You are unique. You can’t and shouldn’t try to be somebody else. Believe in yourself and what you do. The best way to do this is to stop comparing yourself to the competition. While it’s important to keep abreast of what’s happening in your industry ‘comparison’ has a habit of leading to self-doubt. Be visible from a place of authenticity, show up as the real you – it’s the only you that you can be.

I highly recommend daily journaling and beginning each day with three gratitudes. A great way to start the day and remind yourself of what you’ve achieved.

Finally ... learn to say NO

This is a big one and took me far too long to realise. Learn to say no to anyone who is not your ideal client and work that does not fit your offering. At the beginning of your journey, it can be easy to say yes to all work offered. This can and will backfire, as that is what you will become known for and recommended for and the type of client you will attract. Do not fear saying NO, as by doing this you are creating space for your ideal client to manifest.

Your time is precious and your expertise valuable do not devalue either by working with anyone that is not your ideal client.


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