How many times have you put something off, only to see someone else launch with your idea, event, product or programme? It happens and often because we didn’t take the action needed soon enough.


There is no time like now, it's time to dive inIf you read my blog regularly you know I’m an advocate of planning, focused intentions and to-do lists. However, you can get bogged down by planning and miss an opportunity or worse not get started at all.


This can happen if you're a perfectionist, like everything in order and your ducks in a row as they say. The problem is just like a website or painting the seven bridge it’s never finished and can always be improved or need work. Equally, you may be fearful of putting yourself out there and taking that first step, you are not alone.


My message to you today is ... the time is now

I've been told many times by different coaches you sell the course, then you create it. Just typing the sentence sends shivers down my spine BUT I get it. You must go for it, you have the expertise and the skill so there is NOTHING to stop you. If we use the example of a course or coaching programme, you need to have the bare bones and know who your ideal or potential client is BUT otherwise you are good go. How? Why? Because you are an expert already and more than good enough.


Recently I met with a friend who is also a client and she was telling me about her issues in the business relating to GDPR and her mailing list. The same issues that are coming up at networking events, in groups and in general conversation. At this point I could have easily gone home to create a workshop: planned and created it, written the copy to promote it and started work on the slides.  Instead, I booked a room, got the bare bones of the course and outcome on paper and told my Facebook group about it. Just like that.


The content will continue to develop right up until the day of the workshop because I will talk to everyone who is interested before they book. But I can't tell you how good it felt to just seize the moment and without a plan dive in ... liberating in fact. Twenty-four hours ago I had no MailChimp Masterclass, today I have three takers booked and paid.


Don’t let anything hold you back in achieving your goals

Igorne the inner critic telling you that ‘ you’re not ready or good enough’ because you are. Don't wait for it to be perfect, get out there and develop as you go knowing you are the expert. Get started, implement your idea and tell the world.


What are you holding back on? Would a sounding board and confidential space be what you need to get started? If the answer is yes, book a Business Breakthrough Coaching Call with me. There is no charge so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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