How to be okay with it not working out

Let’s face it Rome was not built in a day and there is a good reason for that, not everything would have worked out the first time around. Being okay with it not working out is a skill and one worth learning. It is developing resilience and growing so you can BUILD a strong and successful business.

Do your fears keep you playing small

Are my fears keeping me from playing my bigger game is a question I’ve been pondering. I can see easily and quickly what others fear and what my clients are not doing because fear is holding them stuck. But this is tougher in my own business.

Get out of your own way to have more fun

I’ve been 'in my own way' and on occasion still can be. It’s those moments when you feel truly scared of what is possible and when excuses are plentiful. Equally when you feel stuck and not sure what to do next.

I’m choosing to have more fun and committed to feeling GOOD in 2020. I don't even care that pink is not my brand colour, as today I'm having fun. What are you choosing for 2020 and how do want to feel?

I am choosing again, I'm starting again

I’m choosing again and can’t believe I’m writing this blog on the third day of January. Yet I pride myself on being honest with you and hope sharing this may be of service if not today, then in your future.

2019 in review, my view

With Brexit still hanging over us here in the UK, we’ve witnessed some unusual events in 2019 including Parliament sitting on a Saturday and a general election in December. Plus, I voted for the first time at a Polling Station (previously voting by post) and sadly not as exciting as I expected.

A new decade awaits you

The Twenty Twenties are waiting for you to show up and imagine how awesome this new decade will be if you simply relax. Relax knowing that you all need do is lean in and allow the magic to happen for you.

Look up to design your success

If you're working too many hours, jumping here, there and over there. If you lack clarity of what needs your attention and unable to focus on anything for longer than a few minutes. Then it's time to look up.

See past the fear and do it anyway

No matter if you’re creeping gently out of your comfort zone or taking a giant leap into the unknown, it’s scary and can be painful. It may result in you bubbling with excitement and yet experiencing butterflies doing a merry dance in your tummy twenty-four hours a day.

Trust in the process always

There is no reason to be anyone but yourself because you ARE awesome. At what you do and how you do it. You ARE on the right path and need only trust in the process.

Stop making it so damn hard

Keep it simple is my mantra and something I’ve written about often. Yet time and time again I see clients who are struggling with what to give their attention to. Causing total paralysis and resulting in focus being given to anything and everything but the important.

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