During these unprecedented times that we find ourselves, it can be hard to see into the future. Challenging to see what your business will look or feel like beyond the Corona Virus.

During these challenging times, it is difficult to stay upbeat and positive or see a way forward. Uncertainty surrounds us here in the UK and across the globe, normal feels like a thing of the past.

You already have all that you need

If you truly believed that you had everything you needed what would you do right now? Would you start a new project or launch a new programme, would you package your offering and present it to your audience?

Nurture a positive attitude and flip your energy

Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you I'm a very positive person, yet for many years this was a complete front. As deep inside there was a HUGE amount going on and while I could act positive, I wasn’t.

Being grateful for the abundance that surrounds you and all that is working for you IS a valuable daily exercise. It shifts your energy; it brings a smile and is you saying thank you

Stop marketing and start attracting

Stop marketing your business right now and still attract a stream of five-star awesome and perfect for you clients. How does that statement make you feel? Excited, punching the air and saying, ‘thank goodness’ or are you in the ‘don’t be ridiculous Lindsey’ camp?

How to be okay with it not working out

Let’s face it Rome was not built in a day and there is a good reason for that, not everything would have worked out the first time around. Being okay with it not working out is a skill and one worth learning. It is developing resilience and growing so you can BUILD a strong and successful business.

Do your fears keep you playing small

Are my fears keeping me from playing my bigger game is a question I’ve been pondering. I can see easily and quickly what others fear and what my clients are not doing because fear is holding them stuck. But this is tougher in my own business.

Get out of your own way to have more fun

I’ve been 'in my own way' and on occasion still can be. It’s those moments when you feel truly scared of what is possible and when excuses are plentiful. Equally when you feel stuck and not sure what to do next.

I’m choosing to have more fun and committed to feeling GOOD in 2020. I don't even care that pink is not my brand colour, as today I'm having fun. What are you choosing for 2020 and how do want to feel?

I am choosing again, I'm starting again

I’m choosing again and can’t believe I’m writing this blog on the third day of January. Yet I pride myself on being honest with you and hope sharing this may be of service if not today, then in your future.

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