Leap and the net will appear

Leap and the net will appear is a quote attributed to Michael Hyatt and one that recently came across my screen. It's about having faith in all that you do and knowing that the net will appear and this resonates for me.

7 mistakes I made in my business

I’ll be honest I’m still work in progress, that’s what being entrepreneur is. It’s you on a journey where you continue to develop and grow. Learning every day. And it’s exciting and fun OR should be.

Six ways to get your business back on track

Success comes from knowing what success looks and feels like. It can’t be vague or a notion in your head. It needs to be committed to paper, written down and displayed so you can see it every day.

Three ways to lead your business to success

I write often about success, it’s what we all strive and work to achieve. My job as a business coach is to empower you to achieve your success, to guide you on your path. It’s what ultimately makes me successful.

Let it go to create YOUR freedom

I have the most beautiful pen, the ink flows, there is no leakage and it feels amazing in my hand. When I use this pen, it feels easy ... and yet, it’s heavy. When something feels uncomfortable, heavy or difficult in the business should you let it go?

What to do, when you don’t know what to do

I had one of those moments this week. Most likely caused by the number of emails hitting my inbox telling me I only had six months to achieve my 2019 goals - argghhhh!

Last week I explained the importance of staring with the end in mind. It’s the only place to start because without knowing where you want to go, you can't create the path to your destination?

start with the end in mind

Start with the end in mind always. A simple tip and one that I must confess had rather passed me by. A lightbulb moment that has resulted in greater focus and increased productivity. More importantly, everything becoming easier and more fun!

5 things you can do instead of screaming

I am no different from you and like you have days when I could just scream. When everything seems harder than it should be and nothing is going right. It’s usually because I’m pushing to create, achieve or do, I’m not allowing the process to flow or be fun - I’m putting myself under pressure.

do what you love, every day

You’ve most likely heard or read the words of musician Marc Anthony before. Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life. It makes good sense that when you do what you love it is easy, fun and never feels like work.

Do you want it badly enough

Today I write having been inspired by a 'thought', which I received from The Thoughts Project and written by the brilliant Mark Fritz. An international specialist on leadership and who I've had the pleasure of meeting virtually.

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