I STILL believe that 2020 will be awesome.

As 2019 drew to a close I was on the bandwagon. You know the one, 2020 is going to be awesome, the numbers are in alignment – everything was. I felt the pull for me, my business and for my clients (past, present and future).

Three ways to take the pressure off

More than ever you might be feeling under pressure and totally overwhelmed. Resulting in you being paralysed, unsure what to do next and no idea how to move forward. Firstly, you are not alone, and I’m not surprised.

Release your old stories and beliefs

As you read 'there has never been a better time to dream BIG' you might be thinking are you mad Lindsey. You might be saying, 'have you not seen the news Lindsey?' You might even be shaking your head wondering if I’ve finally lost it. Well, I haven’t and yes I am encouraging you to think BIG.

Hold your dreams close and make them happen

When ‘busy’ it can be easy to forget why you do what you do because you're ‘bogged’ down in the daily grind. Use the time you've been gifted to create a business vision that truly inspires you to act; refine your dreams and realign or even rediscover your purpose.

Seize the day and be awesome

There is nothing to stop you, there is nothing you can’t do and nothing is impossible.

What if YOU believed that with all your heart and allowed this statement to be your normal? How amazing would it be and what would you DO?

Stepping out of your fear is a simple concept and one that is possible but more challenging for some than others, especially at this time. Yet fear may be holding you stuck, small and during this time unable to see what you can do.

During these unprecedented times that we find ourselves, it can be hard to see into the future. Challenging to see what your business will look or feel like beyond the Corona Virus.

During these challenging times, it is difficult to stay upbeat and positive or see a way forward. Uncertainty surrounds us here in the UK and across the globe, normal feels like a thing of the past.

You already have all that you need

If you truly believed that you had everything you needed what would you do right now? Would you start a new project or launch a new programme, would you package your offering and present it to your audience?

Nurture a positive attitude and flip your energy

Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you I'm a very positive person, yet for many years this was a complete front. As deep inside there was a HUGE amount going on and while I could act positive, I wasn’t.

Being grateful for the abundance that surrounds you and all that is working for you IS a valuable daily exercise. It shifts your energy; it brings a smile and is you saying thank you

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